Every problem has a solution. As optimistic as it may sound, it is the driving force behind the work of Davis.



In the arms race of athletic design, the expectations of fans, coaches, and athletes are rapidly changing the way entertainment venues and training facilities are designed. In the end, the goals haven't changed: attract more fans with more memorable experiences and recruit, train, and retain the highest level of athletes and coaches. Those goals are at the heart of our all of our athletic and recreation projects, with practical, show-stopping designs that reflect the unique character of each client.




Design's greatest opportunity to positively impact societal development is through education. Learning and educational pedagogies have changed drastically in recent decades, and learning environments have been slow to follow suit. We strive to look ahead and create innovative, engaging, 21st-century learning spaces that support faculty and allow students to thrive.



ARTS + CUlture

Community centers of art and culture are where our society finds common bonds, where we strengthen our appreciation of history, and where we celebrate our love of beauty. Each museum, gallery, church, or venue that we design represents the distinct identity and needs of those that inhabit the space.




As cities grow increasingly dense, unique and transformative solutions for housing, retail, and placemaking are more valuable than ever. We plan and design exciting living spaces that people are proud to visit and to call home.