South Engineering Research Center

University of Alabama

Classical in looks only, this modern science facility contains some of the most impressive testing equipment in the country.



The South Engineering Research Center is a three-story academic and engineering research building that houses classrooms, labs, faculty and graduate student offices, research areas, teaching labs, and demonstration lecture halls. The first floor is composed primarily of engineering research labs for the construction and testing of large scale structures, materials, and electromechanics. The second floor contains classrooms, teaching labs, and graduate student offices, and overlooks into engineering the various research labs below. The third floor contains labs, meeting rooms, research offices, and future growth spaces. The building is classically designed per campus standards and forms the western edge of Shelby Quad.

At a glance

  • Located in Tuscaloosa, AL
  • 197,000 sf
  • Completed January 2012


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design