Innovative Learning Center & School Renovation

N.E. Miles Jewish Day School

An innovative space where each student can learn in their own, unique way.



The Davis team worked with the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School to completely renovate the school on a condensed budget and timeline. While the existing school had plenty of space, it was utilized poorly and did not reflect the needs of the students, parents, or teachers.

To refocus the space on their innovative learning methodologies, the existing dining area was converted into an Innovative Learning Center, and the existing media center into a dining facility. The project also included complete finish and furniture upgrades throughout. The use of colored storefront, as well as a meandering, colorful floor pattern creates a sense of fun. The addition of a variety of seating types in the Innovative Learning Center allows students to learn in non-traditional ways, privately or corporately. The dining facility contains upscale furniture and finishes, as well as alternative seating areas for the upper-school.

Furniture selection was extremely important in enhancing the school’s mission and goals. The faculty and staff nurture children to learn using various techniques and technologies, in the most comfortable method for the student. Each classroom includes a variety of desk types and arrangements for faculty and student flexibility, as well as bean bags for self-study. A little-used courtyard was also converted into an outdoor classroom. 

At a glance

  • Located in Birmingham, AL

  • 21,500 sf

  • Completed August 2015


  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Furniture Specification

  • Renovation + Restoration