Science Complex

Birmingham, Alabama
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Davis Architects was presented with a challenge to develop a master plan for the various facilities related to research and health related professions that had proximity to each other but lacked a sense of unity or identity. The concept built on the success of the existing Richard C. and Annette N. Shelby Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building. New proposed buildings were planned to the west and south of the current Shelby Building. To the west end of the Shelby Building, a new entrance rotunda was designed to serve both as a west lobby and to accommodate event and conference space. This building element became the foci of a classically-inspired colonnade that engages the west end of the Shelby Building and defined a newly developed green space fronting University Boulevard on either side of 18th, which was narrowed to three lanes of vehicular traffic. Across 18th Street, the colonnade gently curved in front of the School of Health Professions ending at the School of Nursing where the colonnade anchored the new addition to Nursing. The colonnade unified, both architecturally and physically, the relationships between these disciplines and provided distinctive new gateways into each facility. The first phase implementing this plan is a two-story addition and renovation by Davis Architects of the School of Health Professions.