Propst Hall Science Center

Birmingham, Alabama
Samford University Completed 2001

The new Samford Science Building was designed to accommodate the University’s desire to provide its students and faculty with a new, comprehensive science facility unequaled in the Southeast.  The building houses the biology, physics and chemistry departments, and includes a 100-seat planetarium and conservatory.  The facility also contains administrative offices, research labs, classrooms, lab support spaces and other related areas necessary to support over 35 total labs.  The new building is approximately 93,000 square feet and is three and one half stories tall.  The design of the exterior is classical to match the architectural style of the campus, and is highlighted by a central portico entrance, colonnade, balustrades, pediments, and limestone cornice.  The exterior skin is mainly composed of brick with stone accents at window & door openings and other architectural elements.  The interior public spaces are treated with granite flooring and travertine walls; while the balance of the building will have utilitarian finishes appropriate to its laboratory function.  The building is situated on a sloped site opposite Reid Hall and terminates the campus quadrangle on the east side of the campus.  A pedestrian bridge is incorporated into the design of the first floor and serves as a passage from the Beeson Woods to the heart of the Samford Campus.