Mountain Brook Junior High School

Mountain Brook, Alabama
Mountain Brook City Schools Completed 2008

Additions to the existing 67,000 square foot footprint of Mountain Brook Junior High School consisted of a new band rehearsal facility including a large practice room, a new rehearsal hall, music and general storage rooms, and offices for band directors, plus a new athletic addition including weight room, auxiliary gym, wrestling/track room, office and locker room.  Renovated areas in the school included academic support, counseling offices, choir practice room, choir director’s office, and modifications to the football & track locker rooms.  The original school was considered to be an existing nonconforming use in regard to the current building code due to the square footage and lack of a fire suppression system.  The additions required compliant fire separations to satisfy the code requirements.  To facilitate the new additions, the project included extensive utility relocation and new fire access path around the school along with new landscaping.