Firm History

Davis Architects, Inc., is a continuation of the firm established in 1912 by the late E.B. Van Keuren. In 1946, Charles F. Davis, Jr. became a partner and the firm’s name became Van Keuren and Davis, Architects and Engineers. With the addition of partners Paul M. Speake and J. Marion Thrasher in 1949, the firm became Van Keuren, Davis and Company. It was during the period beginning in 1946 that the company progressed into the forefront in the design of Institutional, Educational, Health and Commercial Facilities.

Following the death of Van Keuren in 1957, the firm’s name became Davis, Speake & Thrasher. In 1966, after the death of J. Marion Thrasher, the firm became Davis, Speake & Associates, and in 1971 became a corporation under Alabama Law.

In 1982, the firm entered a new era with the late Charles F. Davis and the late Paul M. Speake retiring from actively participating to serve the firm as consultants. Under the leadership of Neil E. Davis, the firm has experienced the steadiest period of consistent growth in its history. Coupled with this growth is the firm’s ever strengthening reputation of integrity and design excellence. This period culminated in 1995 with the firm’s name change to Davis Architects, Inc. In 1999, the firm welcomed two new partners, Julia K. Potter and Geoffrey A. Clever. With Mr. Davis continuing to lead the design effort, Mr. Clever assumed the role of business development, while Ms. Potter was charged with financial management of the firm.

In 2005, the firm relocated its headquarters to the historic BEBCO Building in downtown Birmingham.  Previously a 1920’s car repair shop, the space was transformed to house the architectural studio, conference rooms, and support spaces of Davis Architects.  The firm is proud to have a continued presence in the City of Birmingham. Seeing the opportunity for growth in other markets, Davis Architects opened a new office in Atlanta in 2008 in the Midtown West District just west of downtown.  The Atlanta office focuses primarily on multi-family, retail, and mixed-use development, as well as institutional projects.

In 2012, Davis Architects celebrated 100 years of continued operation. The firm is proud to have served the State of Alabama and the Southeast for so many years and looks forward to another 100 years of continued service. Since the firm’s founding, it has developed a reputation based on integrity and a deep personal interest in each project, regardless of size. This same interest, a meticulous attention to detail, and the extensive cumulative years of experience in all types of design, assure an innovative, individual approach to the needs of each client in its practice, reaching from Birmingham, Atlanta, the Southeast, and abroad.

In 2016, after recognizing the increasing demand for our multi-family, retail, and mixed-use design department, our Atlanta office formed Studio Architects to better serve our existing and future clients. The new firm shares the same passion and philosophy that made Davis Architects successful for over 100 years and will be an integral partner in the future.